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What we do

We support technology companies in implementing their ideas – be they startups or existing businesses looking to expand. In addition to investments, we also provide connections within our global network. This creates synergies and generates strategical alliances. We offer opportunities to invest in innovative and profitable projects for qualified investors.


Our approach

No matter whether you aim for growth, investments, an increase in productivity, or a company foundation: You have the idea – we help you to set things in motion. First, we assess your business. Together with you, we will then develop a solution customized to your needs, which will guarantee the success of your plan. Pingora Capital Inc. offers valuable contacts, know-how, professional reports, studies, and expertise to make your project attractive for investors. Benefit from our networks in the international finance centers of the world, like London, Frankfurt, Paris, and New York.


Our Mission

We act according to our founding motto: “experienced problem-solvers rather than just advisers.” With our know-how and expertise, we act as an interface between businesses and investors. This promotes growth from which all partners will benefit!

About Pingora

About us

Pingora is a mountain –a striking granite summit to be more precise – in the US State of Wyoming. With its height of 11,889 ft., Pingora stands firmly in the Shoshone National Forest and thus is the symbol for Pingora Capital Inc. If you are looking to promote the growth of your business or if you want to make your startup successful, Pingora Capital Inc. is the firm rock you need.

Our experienced experts carry out highly specific tasks, which are relevant to the decision-making process of investors. These include the compilation of reports, studies, and expertise. Moreover, we support your management with evaluations and decisions by means of detailed analyses as well as objective assessments.

We are an investment company that, in addition to capital, contributes extensive know-how to projects. Furthermore, we generate partnerships and synergies within our global networks. Our core competencies consist of supplying capital and strategically supporting experienced management teams and growing technology businesses.

Risk and growth capital

Venture capital is a synonym for risk capital. Venture capital is typically used for business foundations or expansions with unpredictable success prospects. The investors are investment companies. With their venture capital, they acquire business shares, which they sell at a high profit once the business has successfully started. This is how they compensate for the risk of failure of their financial engagements.

Private Equity

Private equity can be described as off-market capital. It comes from commercial, mostly institutional investors (funds and private equity companies), which acquire business shares temporarily and sell them for profit.


Extract of projects


Health-applications on prescription (MelliPlus)

Since 2020, applications [in Germany] can be prescribed under certain conditions. This can include applications offering relief from back pain, the treatment of tinnitus, help with depression, monitoring of drug intake, digital diaries for diabetics, or supportive applications for migraines and pregnancy. 
Pingora will promote the development of applications for the health sector.

An application for people with diabetes:
One of the first projects will be the development of a diabetes app (see: https://www.app4fit.de, and https://www.apoapp.net).

We are convinced that health, nutrition, and sports belong to the fastest-growing markets today. Worldwide, there are 425 million people with diabetes, approx. 10% of which suffer from type I diabetes (source: International Diabetes Federation). The far larger group suffers from type II diabetes. Type II diabetes patients are typically more than 50 years old, heavily obese, and can hardly move. There are countless publications and numerous applications already; however, they focus on two topics at the most. Some of these applications dealing with sports and nutrition are, in fact, very good, but they target healthy individuals. They do not consider the special needs of those who have diabetes. On the other hand, applications that do specialize in diabetes and were developed by different pharmaceutical firms are limited to the transfer of blood sugar values from the measuring instrument to the application. Information relating to meals and everyday movement must be written down. Personally calculations of energy consumption and energy content are not possible. All in all, these applications are only useful in regards to blood sugar values. At the moment, there is no comprehensive application tuned to the needs of people with diabetes (business plan will be sent out at request).

Project start: Starting End 2021
Project location: Germany

Production-oriented ERP solutions and special solutions for eCommerce (apintra)

apintra Inc. is a manufacturer of business management solutions for industry, trade and services.

With the new SyncLine product line (www.syncline.eu), the company also meets the Corona-related changed requirements. Thus, apintra Inc. is able to automatically transfer and process all business data from trading platforms (such as Amazon).

In addition, apintra Inc. (www.apintra.us) is unique in the area of production-oriented ERP solutions, including a bill of material generator with variant logic.

A total of 1.25 million shares were issued as part of an exchange transaction. Pingora Capital Inc. acquired a portion of these shares.

Project start: apintra is currently planning the listing beginning in the 2nd half of 2021. Contracts for the implementation of the listing have already been concluded.
Project location: USA, Germany

Production and manufacturing bottling line and cardboard packaging

Pingora Capital Inc. takes part in an extensive project to produce high-quality filling machines for the food industry. These are intended for the German market as well as for export. The cardboard packaging machine’s capacity amounts to 2,500 pieces per hour for one line or up to 4,500 pieces per hour for two lines. The filling line can, given a volume of 2.4 – 7 oz., operate at a capacity of 24,000 pieces per hour.

Project start: planned 2021/2023
Project location: Germany


This project consists of a completely new structure and production in environment and recycling technology. This technology (production of elastic flour granulate material by treatment and use of old tires) has never been in use yet in any area. Currently, the environmental requirements for recycling mobile shredders, processing, transport, and logistics can be met at any location. Unique selling points lie in the production of the finest elastic flour, natural rubber for recycling, e. g. 3D-Print, as well as the production of a wide variety of end products.

Project start: planned 2020/2023
Project location: Germany


It all began in a garage in Menlo Park, CA. Two students had an idea: They wanted to develop a search engine which should take into consideration the importance of a website to deliver better search results than other search engines.

The execution of their idea cost money, which the students lacked. Therefore, they met with banks to seek financing but encountered nothing but refusals along the way. This new search engine would have no potential.

Today, we would have to live without Google – a business currently valued at 120 billion dollars – if no investor had been found for the critical launch stage of the business.
Google is only one example to prove the fact that (maybe even unusual) ideas for something wonderful can grow if somebody is ready to believe in them.

Do you also have a vision? Do you think that it could grow into a successful business?

Private Equity and Venture Capital

Private equity stands for investments in businesses that are not on the stock market. The business shares are sold privately. Some private equity firms create a fund to invest in or buy businesses. Investors are usually private or institutional investors who have the goal to resell the acquired shares at a profit after a few years.

To maximize their profit, private equity firms look to invest in companies with a healthy balance between risk and return and, thus, a stable cash flow.

Another branch consists of investments in businesses in crisis. In such a case, a business experiencing financial troubles is put back on sound financial grounds. Thereby, its value can be increased, so that the shares can be sold at a profit later. Some private equity firms have even specialized in liquidations and generate a profit from it.

A special form of private equity is the investment in young, innovative businesses. In this case, the risk of investing is higher because the success prospects of the newly founded business are still unclear. This is usually referred to as risk or venture capital. Returns on venture capital can hardly be estimated beforehand. Complete losses are possible, but so are record profits. Investors support the startup business financially and with economic know-how. This is how the risk can be reduced. The young entrepreneur receives help with the acquisition of customers or support with economic decisions. As a countermove, the venture capital firm gets a greater say in the state of affairs.

Most venture capital funds only consider an investment if the business has already shown some sort of success. Investing in a business that has not proven itself successful in some way is connected with high risks, which is why most venture capital firms refrain from doing so.


What makes us special

We are experts with long-standing experience. As an entrepreneur, you receive personal support from us rather than inflated counseling. We consider your active cooperation a central project component when it comes to the conversion of your plan and the search for executives and employees. Our approach is specifically tailored to you and will increase the profit margin of your business considerably. Therefore, we offer an excellent price-performance ratio.

As an investor, you benefit from our long-term experience in evaluating businesses and in the procurement of investments. Thanks to our network, we can grant access to innovative projects and a guaranteed return on your invested capital.

Successful together

No matter whether you want to promote your startup, extend your existing line of business, or take part in a profitable plan as an investor – we are your dependable partner. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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